School Nutrition Quick Guides

What are Quick Guides?

  • “At a glance” resources to help the busy school food service professional easily purchase, plan, serve and credit fruits, vegetables and grains in school meal programs
  • Timesaving tools that streamline and simplify food component crediting to ease menu planning frustrations
  • Helpful resources for cost control, record keeping, and ensuring regulatory compliance
  • A great training tool for kitchen staff

Quick Guides are printed on heavy stock, moisture resistant paper.


The School Nutrition Quick Guides are great!  I purchased them for all my school kitchen…They have been invaluable to our program. I recommend these guides for all school kitchens.

Donia Intriere
Director of Student Nutrition, Taos Municipal Schools, New Mexico

The Fruit and Veggie Quick Guide for School Meal Programs, has proven to be a great training guide for my new Production Managers, Purchasing Agent, existing kitchen Managers and Production Cooks…Using this guide has allowed my District to lower the food cost by lessening food waste, and spend wisely, thus allowing the Program to increase the quality of food purchased with the additional saved funds.

Deborah M. Austin
Director of Food and Nutrition Services, Alameda Unified School District, California

The Quick Guide has helped us to be more efficient in our day. It is a great reference for production records.

Shiloh Ficek
Nutrition Service Manager, Yamhill-Carlton School District, Oregon

Fruit & Veggie Quick Guide


This six-page reference is printed in a tri-fold format.

There is a tremendous emphasis on fruits and vegetables in school meal programs. The Fruit & Veggie Quick Guide provides easy to use information for all the popular fruits and vegetables served for breakfast, lunch, snacks and suppers.

See below for more information about what’s included in the Fruit & Veggie Quick Guide.

What is in the Fruit & Veggie Quick Guide?


These charts show the pounds of fruit needed for 25, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 or 300 ½-cup servings. The serving size of single pieces of fresh fruit (by box count) is also included. Fifteen types of fresh fruits and berries are showcased.


These charts display the number of ½-cup servings in a #10 can and the number of ½-cup servings in a case. Thirteen different vegetables and eleven types of fruit are featured. The canned fruit chart provides information for both undrained and drained fruit. Values reflect commercial brands and USDA Foods.


This chart shows the pounds of vegetables needed for 25, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 or 300 servings. Both ¼-cup and ½-cup serving sizes are included. Nineteen types of fresh vegetables are showcased. This chart is great for salad bar planning!


These charts show the pounds of fruits and vegetables needed for 100 servings at a ½-cup serving size. Nine types of vegetables and six types of fruit are included. Values reflect commercial brands and USDA Foods.

Vegetable subgroups included.

Grains Quick Guide

Grains are an important component at both breakfast and lunch. This Quick Guide helps you plan the pounds of grains needed for 50, 100, 200 and 300 ½ cup servings. Fourteen different grains popular in school meals are featured, including macaroni, penne, spaghetti, rotini, lasagna noodles, egg noodles, rice (3 varieties), bulgur, couscous, farina, quinoa, grits, and oats. Values are provided for both whole grain and enriched grain products. This is a one page, two sided quick guide.


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Fruit and Veggie Quick Guide: $6
Grains Quick Guide: $3
Purchased as a set: $8

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A word from Terri, the Quick Guides creator

I’ve worked in the School Nutrition World for the past 25 years – at the district, state and corporate levels. I’ve visited hundreds of school kitchens and trained thousands of school food service professionals. School meal regulations are complex and numerous, so over the years I developed my own cheat sheets to help me do my job faster and easier. The School Nutrition Quick Guides are the transformation of my cheat sheets into professional resources…to help you do your job faster and easier! I’d love your feedback. You can reach me using the form below.

P.S. I love developing comics for our industry. Check back monthly to see new ones.


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